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Before you call a Clearwater, Florida tax attorney call us to find out how we can help relieve IRS tax debt. If you have been contacted by the IRS or your state's Department of Taxation, or have received tax liens, levies or notices of IRS intention to do so, contact us at 1 (855) US TAX HELP for a free confidential initial tax consultation.

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Our Network of tax professionals includes Certified Public Accountants, Certified Enrolled Agents, and/or Practitioners who can help solve your tax issues in Clearwater, Florida .

Depending on eligibility we are able to settle outstanding taxes, penalties and accumulated interest for a fraction of the amount due. Every taxpayer's circumstances are different. We get some clients better results than others. Although we cannot guarantee a specific result, we have obtained great results for many people.

Tax Relief Services Enrolled Agents Provide Clearwater, Florida

Enrolled Agents are specialists and experienced in Solving Tax Related Collection Problems. Their services include: Settling Back Taxes
Offer in Compromise
Delinquent Tax Returns
IRS Payment Plans
941 Payroll Issues
Levies and Garnishments
Removal of Federal Tax Liens
Audit Representation
Innocent Spouse

Why You Should Choose A Local Enrolled Agent Serving Clearwater, Florida

When you have a tax problem, there are many benefits to choosing a local Clearwater Enrolled Agent for Tax Help. In addition to supporting a member of your Clearwater area community, you are also choosing a local Clearwater enrolled agent that is more convenient to travel to than if you were to choose an enrolled agent outside of the Clearwater area. By hiring a licensed and reputable Clearwater enrolled agent for Tax Help, you can ensure that your tax problem will be resolved in the most professional manner possible. And finding a good, experienced local Clearwater enrolled agent for tax help will give you the comfort of knowing that if you should have another legal problem in the future, your local enrolled agent is right around the corner.

Clearwater Enrolled Agent Definition:

Definition: "Clearwater Enrolled Agent" (EA) is a tax professional who has passed an IRS test covering all aspects of taxation, plus passed an IRS background check. Enrolled Agents have passed a two-day, 8-hour examination. The examination (called the Special Enrollment Examination) covers all aspects of federal tax law, including the taxation of individuals, corporations, partnerships, and various regulations governing IRS collections and audit procedures. Like CPAs and tax attorneys, EAs can handle any type of tax matter and represent their client's interests before the IRS. Unlike CPAs and tax attorneys, Enrolled Agents are tested directly by the IRS, and enrolled agents focus exclusively on tax accounting. The "EA" designation may be revoked by the IRS' Office of Professional Responsibility for malpractice. Join LegalShield.com